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Welcome to Gunflint Mercantile

Welcome to Gunflint Mercantile!


As temperatures continue to rise we will no longer be shipping our truffles, turtles or peanut butter cups through at least Labor Day. We will ship fudge and other non-chocolate items from the shop to Minnesota and close surrounding areas. And we always recommend to have your package delivered where someone is able to receive your package -- perhaps a business.


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Taste the Difference!

Our fudge is made from scratch in our kitchen using real butter, milk and chocolate. The only made-from-scratch fudge in Grand Marais and it is smooth and creamy because each batch is stirred by hand with a wooden spoon. Each flavor starts with a base of chocolate or vanilla and then we add nuts, candy, caramel or other ingredients (like bacon!) to create each unique flavor.

Get a real taste of Minnesota at Gunflint Mercantile! Not only do we make the fudge in our kitchen, but each and every soup and cookie mix is put together by hand in our kitchen. Our Jams & Syrups are all made locally with local ingredients. Our 100% Arabica Fair Trade Coffee is roasted in Minnesota and all of our rice (wild rice), pasta, and beans come from Bemidji, MN. All aprons are one-of-a-kind handmade locally. Custom aprons are available to order by calling us or sending an email. Order safely online and enjoy your favorite fudge, jam, and soup of the Northwoods in the comfort of your home. If you ever have any questions, our store is located in Grand Marais. Feel free to give us a call or send an email any time. We are more than happy to help you pick out just the right food, fudge, coffee, or gift. Thanks for stopping by!

~Chelsea Pusc, Owner